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thanks Guillom :OD I'll do it ASAP --Javier Carro 19:21 16 oct 2006 (UTC)

Bienvenido Guillom

On est au Claustro Wikiversitario (notre bistro). Saludos, Platonides 11:26 17 oct 2006 (UTC)


Hello Guillom, thank you for the info. I understand that Import is the best system to keep the history of the articles, but I think it is not the only one. It can also be added a permanent link to the article source. Thus, the history of the article is also accesible and the GFDL would be respected. I have added such permanent link to those pages. If you think it is not the way to be done, I would be grateful if you can suggest it in the Wikiversidad:Claustro Wikiversitario, so that the community can discuss this relevant topic. (Don't worry if u don't talk Spanish, we would translate it :O) --Javier Carro 17:20 17 oct 2006 (UTC)