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Counter vandalism unit

Patroller and rollbacker on French wikipedia
Patrouilleur et révocateur sur wikipedia en français
Verificadores y Reversores en wikipedia Francia
Autoverificati and Rollbacker su wikipedia Francia
巡回 と 巻き戻し者 フランス wikipedia
장기인증된 사용자 과 되돌리기 기능자 on 프랑스 wikipedia
巡查员以及回退员 on 法国 wikipedia

Hi, My name is Tomybrz, i'm Patroller and rollbacker on French Wikipédia and also on English Wikipedia (but no user right). Sometimes i track Cross wiki vandals if i see alert by Counter vandalism Network.

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Este usuario es un miembro del equipo de monitorización de wikis pequeñas..
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This user is a Rollbacker on the French Wikipedia. (verify)