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Oleg Abarnikov
Oleg Abarnikov
أوليج * اولگ * אָלעג * אולג * ओलेग * ოლეგ * Օլեգ * Алег * Åleg * Олег * Oleg * Oļegs * Olegas * 奥列格 * 奧列格 * オレグ * 올렉 * Όλεγκ * ഒലെഗ് * โอเล็ก

About me

I was born on 6 December 1984 in Alma-Ata. I am an editor, translator, journalist from Moscow, Russia (in 2020~2022 I live in the city of Oryol). I graduated with honours from Oryol State University in 2007, and I studied in the postgraduate course at the geographic faculty of Moscow State University in 2007–2010. I am currently working as an editor of the Quality control department in one of Russia's largest translation companies.
My face

My contribute

My home project is Russian Wikipedia, since October 2006.
At Lezgi Wikipedia I am a project Administrator since 2012, Interface administrator since September 2018. Administrator and Interface admin at Altai Wikipedia since March 2021. Administrator and Interface admin at Lak Wikipedia since October 2021. I was temporary Administrator at Buryat Wikipedia in 2013-14 and at Bashkir Wikipedia in October 2016 — June 2020 (also Interface administrator in 2018—2020).
I am also active on small wikis, Commons, so on.
I am a member of the Wikimedia RU Partnership since March 2017.
Wikipedians of North Caucasus User Group founder (2019).

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