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Hello fellow users of wikis! For crosswiki (or meta) issues, please leave comments on my talk page; for anything else you may use the local talk pages. :-)

I've been sysop on enwiki for 3980 days, simplewiki for 3928, (local wiki) meta (RfA) for 3758, and commons for 3716;
m:bureaucrat (RfB) for 3238, en:oversight for 2774; simple:checkuser for 3365.
I operated pywiki Mentibot (kindly hosted by, which also hosts Mentbot on IRC).


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I was a steward from 2011-2019 (2929 days).

“A fictive tale even has the advantage of manifesting symbolic necessity more purely to the extent that we may believe its conception arbitrary.” ~ Jacques Lacan

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wm news

Febrero 2020

OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 15 de febrero de: You are invited to attend the monthly Wikimedia Café online meetup. This month's meetup will focus on the 2030 strategy recommendations, and will be divided into two discussions of one hour each.
Emojione 1F5F3.svg 8 de febrero de – 28 de febrero de : La votación para las Elecciones de steward 2020 está en curso y permanecerá abierta hasta el 28 de febrero de 2020 a las 13:59 UTC

Enero 2020

Wikimedia-logo.svg 29 de enero de : The 2020 members of the Ombudsman Commission have been announced.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 20 de enero de – 21 de febrero de : The last facilitated round of movement discussions on the Wikimedia 2030 strategy recommendations is taking place.
Emojione 1F5F3.svg 19 de enero de : Requests for comment/Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia - a motion to clarify the 2030 branding movement community consultation as to whether the WMF should rename itself.
Noto Emoji Pie 1f4e2.svg 15 de enero de – 28 de enero de : El plazo de presentación de candidaturas para las elecciones a steward 2020 estará abierto desde el día 15 de enero hasta el día 28 de enero. Los candidatos que cumplan con los requisitos pueden autonominarse.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg enero de : It is possible to share endorsement and comments for the December 2019 candidates to the Affiliations Committee.
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 25 de enero de: The monthly Wikimedia Café online meeting will occur. The Café will be on a Saturday and will be earlier in the day than in previous months. The agenda is here, and you are welcome to add items to the agenda.

Noviembre 2019

Wikimedia-logo.svg noviembre de 2019 – marzo de 2020 : Members of the nine thematic Working Groups concluded their task of drafting recommendations for the movement 2030 strategy. Three new groups with new tasks have been composed.

Octubre 2019

Wikipedia-W-bold-in-square.svg 22 de octubre de : There is a discussion to remove all administrators, bureaucrats, and CheckUsers and set up an Arbitration Committee on the Croatian Wikipedia for alleged misuse of admin rights to promote biased content.