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Intercambio con el wikiversitario Jtneill[editar]

Positive & negatives about English psychology school[editar]

What are the negative and positive things in the school? Can you tell us your experience there? quiel 19:58 28 may 2008 (UTC)

  • The School of Psychology on English Wikiversity doesn't really exist! By this I mean:
  1. en:School:Psychology has been redirected to en:Psychology in part because there is considerable discussion about reforming the custom namespaces and possibility no longer having School: pages. Schools could still exist (e.g., in the mainspace), but this could also be anything else, e.g., Centre, Department, Division, Discipline, etc. Basically, we want to be 'more free' than "School". :)
  2. There were not really any active editors or participants in a school of Psychology on English Wikiversity, so it seemed a kind of nonsense to call it a "School". Really, we just have resources. The two other active editors of psychology content are en:User:Remi (custodian) and en:User:Recovery Psychology.
  3. I have been cleaning up the psychology categories and making sure that all psychology pages are categorised into psychology subcategories. You can see the current category structure at en:Category:Psychology.
-- Jtneill - Talk 11:12 31 may 2008 (UTC)
  • Thanks for your answer. We´re talking about the problem of the participacion(no students, no teachers; no students and teachers , no school, etc) Now, how we can stimulate it? --quiel 00:25 2 jun 2008 (UTC)-

Participación / Participation[editar]

I apologise for my long pause ... I have just managed to submit my PhD after 13 1/2 years! ... You raise the question of participation.

  1. Participation is a challenge for all wikis, not just Wikiversity. I think that's important to understand. I only started using Wikiversity with my students part-way through this semester. I have been gradually putting more and more of our class content on Wikiversity, and gradually putting less and less content on the institution's platforms. So, bit my bit, my students are becoming familiar with WV. Some of them has asked what it is. Once I explain that its a sister project of Wikipedia, for learning materials, they understand almost instantly. They are 'sold'.
  2. Please see some ideas we have going at en:Wikiversity:Publicity for ways to publicise and 'market' Wikiversity. I am hoping to find some ways of engaging colleagues by promoting Wikiversity in a subtle campaign. Last week, for example, I blogged a "Welcome to Wikiversity".
  3. The next step for me, is to get students actively putting content on WV. This is an exciting challenge, which I will try next semester (for the unit on en:Social psychology (psychology). In this respect, I have been reading and improving en:Wikiversity:School and university projects. -- Jtneill - Talk 13:00 15 jun 2008 (UTC)

Estoy de acuerdo con tus proposiciones. Por mi parte, he estado implementando el uso de medios informaticos en algunas de mis clases, por ejemplo, el uso de un blog para el intercambio entre los alumnos, donde ellos mismos hacen las veces de administradores. Tal vez, el proximo paso sea familiarizarlos con los proyectos wiki. Veré cómo hacerlo. Pero estoy convencido que esto no se convertira en un proyecto de aprendizaje mientras no haya wiki-estudiantes. Los proyectos de aprendizaje pueden ir mejorandose pero lo fundamental es que comience a haber alumnos. Dicho sea de paso ¿habría un perfil de alumno- wiki? ¿Tal vez nosotros podamos ser los primeros alumnos en proyectos cruzados?quiel 15:30 30 jun 2008 (UTC)

Google translation: "I agree with your suggestions. For my part, I have been implementing the use of computer resources in some of my classes, for example, using a blog to exchange among students, where they do serve as administrators. Perhaps the next step is to familiarize them with the wiki projects. I will see how. But I am convinced that this will not be converted into a learning project until there is wiki-students. quiel 15:30 30 June 2008 (UTC)" -- Jtneill - Talk 12:53 1 jul 2008 (UTC)

Quiel, what subjects do you teach? I used blogs last year, with quite good success, but I wanted to be able to "help more" than just commenting. So this year, I will try for student essays putting their essays on Wikiversity. For this to work well, I am conscious of the need for improving Wikiversity's tutorials/guides for new users. -- Jtneill - Talk 13:03 1 jul 2008 (UTC)

Google traducciones: "Quiel, ¿Qué materias a enseñar? He utilizado los blogs del año pasado, con bastante buen éxito, pero yo quería ser capaz de "ayudar a más" que acaba de comentar. Así que este año, voy a tratar de ensayos de estudiantes poniendo sus ensayos sobre Wikiversidad. Para que esto funcione bien, estoy consciente de la necesidad de mejorar la Wikiversidad tutoriales / guía para nuevos usuarios. -- Jtneill - Talk - Talk 13:03 1 jul 2008 (UTC)" -- Jtneill - Talk 13:06 1 jul 2008 (UTC)

Google translations[editar]

Doy un curso de psicología general para estudiantes de secundaria, psicología educacional en un instituto para profesores y coordino un taller de orientación vocacional. Trabajo fundamentalmente con adolescentes. El blog me ha servido como una forma de establecer contacto con ellos. ¿Habría JTNEILL un perfil o un patrón de estudiante en la wiki? quiel 17:49 6 jul 2008 (UTC)