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Anton de Bary. Mutualismo, parasitismo, simbiosis.


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Darwin vs. Kropotkin: the struggle for coexistence and mutual assistance between our school, University and at work kopiame up a supposed upstairs. However, a more accurate picture would indeed be the cinder trail, which continuously rungtyniautume with other žūtbūtinėse the race. No matter where it leads and where eventually the most important of these races when there is, the unrelenting leadership. The modern liberalioji theory allows everything available in mind, feet, what is the smallest pakišimas else can do for the sake of their approach to the (never unavailable) in the semifinal. This take you are one (so lonely), and dalyvauji each in its fight against all. You continually surrounded by competition and you are part of its processes. Nedrįsk, perkąsk and other tripping throat get up. Nature, along with the laws of humanity, arranged in accordance with Darwino.Remains the best choice. This completes the rungtyniavimo Mania cover and control almost every sphere of life. But certainly not each. And the area is still "užsilikusios" suggests that, in addition to the race has always been so prevalent at rungtyniavimas. Watching a very primityviai, responding to the needs of human activities and uses words within two partitioned areas within Government and all other public institutions (including University, school and work), or independently of any sector, i.e., officially enshrined within the existing relationships between people, which is not a public relations influence formed. Under the first option: you need money to go to work, want to participate in the cultural life – go to the theater or exhibition etc., wants to go to school to take an education or University. All of this is combined with the immediate response (darbia), State institutions and designed according to a hierarchy based on the stairs, on which thou stumdaisi on the position every day. However, there are plenty of other examples, revealing the human behaviour of the other. Starting and ending at the request of a friend to help countries experiencing broader solidarity actions as benefisai or international aid. All of those examples shows an inclination to help one another in our native. This is all living creatures native to the relationship with the world factor. Put-away to one another or to the pursuit of a common goal together is called the cooperation or mutual aid. This can be done for a variety of reasons which motivated the nevardinsiu'll try to here, and to draw attention to their origin and to provide a couple of examples. The first human civilization began to flourish when people began to organise and operate together to protect themselves from the disasters. As an example of the first civilizations to Entre Ríos is suitable. The two surrounding rivers caused by the disaster did not allow people to live in a quiet adjacent to them, as long as they have not merged by a common goal – the verse sutramdymui. After the construction of dams and irrigation systems in these areas began to grow stronger and wider ties, which have promoted human civilization development. When you try to define a disaster, it can be called just a threat to turn the life less satisfying or nepilnavertišku. A man feels his life residing in the nepilnavertišką when it cannot freely create and control when external forces, is dependent on a regular basis or at any time to come (irrespective of the human desires) his life is heavily influenced by the positive/negatively, i.e., restricting the possibility of freely create atimančių or in General. Contemporary modern public relations disasters of humanity – and their established authorities. Anyone who is not in a race, the leading supplier of differentiated society occupies a lower position, and, again, in accordance with the laws of modern society, less influenced by other people. Meanwhile, the pirmaujantieji, i.e., those who stands on the highest rungs, by contrast, took a "high position" and have a variety of standing on the relative influence of all of the steps below. Space is limited – each laipto each kažkurio the incumbent's ambitious new-comers means above or drop below. By combining everything and taking into account the structure of modern democratic societies, it is evident that the State of Darwino, and the battle for each other to fight against all (and vice versa), works towards greater dominance. The more available at its disposal, the stronger the relationship between influence of dominance is returning in between people. However, it is no secret that the dominance of origin – the aggression and violence. For example, the emergence of the medieval commune, and thus strengthens agresorių ships less weapons, could not defend itself against the threat of the power from the outside. Yes, certain groups of people, have led to enhanced physical strength and the opportunity to help to defend themselves. Thus was formed a separate society of these defenders. However, this group has changed over time. In General, all members of the community-related decisions, the "defenders" have started to use his physical strength, in order to achieve their own ends. So they became a dominant part of the community. The modern rivalry – the social differentiation. It goes without saying, where there is rungtyniavimas, are always the losers and winners. However, this process is no longer a natural even in accordance with its constituent parts. The evolution of society is organised and some even deliberately created in the statistics to determine the winners and losers of both groups-the number of ". Faced with this is probably everyone. For example, in a University, where there are a limited number of the magnitudes of the student, or the Government in the formulation of the country: the country's Parliament or national Parliament has limited the number of candidates. Certain groups of people (the dominant) has the goal to ensure continuity, which, in addition to the deliberate test to support it, you probably would not exist. The evolution of the direction in which society must adjust the only exclusive group of society. In order to ensure the continuity of this group will take care of your "palikuonimis", who watched in the footsteps of the precursors. Previously, it was powerfully influenced by the kin relations. Now the Liberal revoliucionieriai have reached that at least officially to the dominant group can connect anyone who wishes to achieve this and having some potential. However, at the point further here and was placed in the progression of society saviemancipacijos. People's minds created the perception that their lives will change only when a certain control will allow. (Prasiveržė and to the personal laws of the long human life spheres). So, in order to become one/a from those that affect a significant change, and it may something that must compete on the prisijungtum to the great team. This process basically is just turned on "engine", which can be considered the formation of consciousness and on whose rivalry already is running automatically. The Darwin theory of teigusią that a standing rivalry is an essential element of humanity and all the natural evolution and the principle of any development, tried to deny Kropotkin perfectly realised that human lives can change and other means. For example, the total human organisation, operating under the principle of mutual aid. He argued that human behavior is inherent in mutual aid and that it should not be any existence of the rulers of the people, who should have better lives because of their own (people) free organization would be a lot of "highest quality", whereas, in acting in accordance with the consensus of all members of the community could meet. However, this is a very excellent understands and dominant and, of course, react to it (by adjusting the direction of the evolution of society). Here perfectly its intended purpose is to perform "divide and conquer" principle. (I) the minimum components of society disintegrates, i.e., to individuals, between which there is increasingly less relationship to one another and which are less understood. Now seeing the problem the man holds about it to talk and search for a solution, together with its surrounding. Community, or at least certain Municipal Council feeling no longer exists. Now, in order to eliminate the problem, the man goes to ask viršesniuosius because something changes the pas only dominant since only affect this group of people, which so long competed in the ... We were almost entirely the argument that, depending on the decisions taken behind closed doors, is no longer new. Representative democracy? Yes, the representative. Just a question-what's here what you represent. One hundred and forty-four, or three million one hundred forty four or three million?