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ArchiverBot is a bot that archives discussion pages based on the latest timestamp in a thread. The timing of archiving, among other configuration options, are configured page by page using a template: see the documentation for more. The bot is scheduled to run, typically once a day; every page with the template will be visited and checked for old sections in a run.

It is not a global bot - it needs to be locally flagged before starting to work for a wiki.

Per-wiki configurations[1]
Wiki Automatic? Frequency Flagged? Interval Plantilla
meta un día (verify) 10 segundos {{User:MiszaBot/config}}[2]
commons un día (verify) 10 segundos {{User:MiszaBot/config}}[2]
en:b un día (verify) 10 segundos {{User:MiszaBot/config}}[2]
en:voy 3 días (verify) 10 segundos {{Auto archiving}}
es:v 3 días Sí (verify) 10 segundos {{Archivar}}
jawiki un día (verify) 10 segundos {{User:ArchiverBot/config}}
ja:wikt No Manual No 10 segundos {{User:ArchiverBot/config}}
nl:n un día (verify) 10 segundos {{Sjabloon:Archiveren}}


I want to invite the bot to my wiki

Sure. Here is how:

  1. Translate the docs if not yet available in your language. Check also for translating edit summaries.
  2. Create the marker template (see the docs above for details) on your wiki. See en:voy:Template:Auto archiving archiving and en:User:MiszaBot/config for an example. The template's title is preferably composed of ASCII letters, but that is not strictly necessary.
  3. Get ArchiverBot flagged as a bot locally to suppress notifications. This will typically require local consensus.
  4. Ping the maintainer(s) and ask enabling the bot for your wiki. (See below.)

Archiving done too soon

The timing of archiving, among other configuration options, are set page by page using a template: see the documentation for more.

Some editors might want to instruct the bot to work in a certain way while others might disagree. Please seek consensus through discussions and avoid edit-warring over configurations.

Archiving done too late / not done

Typically it can be fixed by configuring the timing - see #Archiving done too soon for how to do that.

If that doesn't work, check the AbuseFilter logs (accessible from Special:AbuseFilter on your wiki). Pay attention especially to filters triggered by removal of content. See also AbuseFilter. This might require help from a local administrator.

Archiving not done on a certain page

If it fails to archive a particular page but works ok on others, chances are that the template is used in the wrong way on that particular page. Please consult the manual first. You might want to check logs available at to diagnose.

Archiving not done on a certain section of a page

If the bot fails to archive a particular section (but works okay for other sections), chances are that it fails to recognize signatures and/or timestamps in that section.

A quick fix might be for you to add a line with a proper signature. (You might want to use {{DNAU}} with a current or past timestamp to that.)

Note that the next archiving may not happen immediately - the next run may be a day or more later depending on the bot's configuration for your wiki.

Problems happening across pages and/or wikis

If something goes wrong across pages and/or wikis systematically,

Contact maintainer

Use the talk page, email or check to contact a maintainer.

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  1. Note: the table above might be outdated; for up-to-date information see the codes in the repository.
  2. a b c For historical reasons, this is under User:MiszaBot/, not User:ArchiverBot/.