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*[[Deutsch]] - [[:de:Wikiversity:Interlingual Beta Klub]]
*[[English]] - [[:en:wikiversity:Interlingual Beta Club]]
*[[Español]] - [[:es:wikiversidad:Interlingual Beta Club]]
*[[Français]] - [[:fr:Wikiversité:Interlingual Beta Club]]
...[[:es:Portada|Español]] -
[[:en:Wikiversity:Main_Page|English]] -
[[b:eo:Wikiversity:Esperanto|Esperanto]] -
*'''''[[:en:Wikiversity:Translator's Handbook|The Translator's Handbook]]''''':''An Interlingual Training Manual''
This text, though starting at the English Wikiversity will not stay here long. It's passage to [[:de:Wikiversity]] and [[:es:Wikiversity]] will take place immediately – even in its initial rough draft form. Like all Wikimedia Projects, it shall remain a work-in-progress for years to come. It can be thought of as a '''living document'''.''
== IBC's Roles ==
''The [[Wikiversity:Interlingual Beta Club]] is tasked with instituting a culture of intense collaboration (characteristic of any experimental project - the nature of a beta) while traversing extremes of interest and practice. Participant groups are expected to develop the ability to produce faithful translations of gargantuan bodies of both text and speech.''
''Our motto:''Participation is everything'' is not so much about the quantitative aspects ([[w:popular culture|popular culture]], the [[w:hive mind|hive mind]], [[w:herd behavior|herd behavior]], etc.) typical of wiki groups, but of the qualitative aspects (academic standards, ethics, worthwhile content, etc.). The personal choice to participate is the focal point of the WV:IBC. For example monolingual English-speaking members are encouraged to venture out of their "comfort zone" to join [[:es:Wikiversity]] and [[:de:Wikiversity]]. Our mission is to create comfort, eliminate confusion, resolve inconsistancies and dispell doubt. Our purpose is to innovate.''
== Consciousness Raising ==


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